“I have been having sessions with Carmel sporadically for the last 6 months. I experienced some tragedy previous to this in 2012 that I could not understand, find answers to or comprehend. In the last four years I have also had some health issues specifically with my bowel, which I was unable to find answers to, neither get any treatment for, nor solve. I had seen many specialists, doctors, had tests and procedures done, and all results were clear and my issue inexplicable.

After my first session with Carmel and her identifying the areas in my body other than my emotional distress that I experienced complications with, and without having mentioned anything about my bowel problems, my bowel issues ceased. It was unbelievable and I have never thought it possible for the problem to completely disappear, I was shocked, ecstatic and will be forever grateful. Carmel has also helped me work through the tragedy I experienced over a period of time, helped me find peace and understanding within it and support those close to me suffering the same if not more pain. Carmel has provided me with protection and a place to go to when in doubt and feeling lifeless.
Many thanks”.