“In November 2012 I lost my 6 week old son to SIDS. This left me in a world of darkness, disbelief and not knowing how to continue in my life. Only days after Harry’s passing I had a healing session with Carmel, in that healing I experienced something very powerful and since that day I have continued to see Carmel. She has helped and still continues to help me through the hardest thing I will ever have to deal with in my life. My sessions with Carmel have enabled me to process and release many deep and dark thoughts and emotions, along with giving me hope and guidance to the future. Without Carmel and her healing’s I would hate to think where I would be today. After every healing I walk out with a smile on face, a clear mind, love in my heart and a knowing that everything will be ok. I have Carmel to thank for where I am today.”

Ashley Griffiths