I have suffered with often debilitating anxiety for ten years, and been on and off medication throughout this period of time quite often. If someone had told me how different my life would be after visiting Carmel, I would never have believed them. Her healings have not changed the person I am, but have opened up the real me – the person that I have always wanted to be; confident, content, spiritually connected, intuitive and anxiety free. I cannot thank Carmel enough for helping me strengthen the relationship between my mind, body and soul.

Rebecca Smith

“After treatment with Carmel I feel very relaxed, revitalized and more optimistic about my future.I am grateful for the opportunity to gain such a positive energy and revitalize my body and spirit.”

Jitka Neradilek

“I  have been getting treatment from Carmel for a year now and I have noticed lots of changes within myself. Carmel is an amazing spiritual healer. There are times in the session I feel such amazing things happening! I know since I have been getting the healings done my friends and family have noticed a great deal of change within my attitude towards myself and my self esteem is a great deal better. My attitude to life has changed dramatically and I feel a more positive person to be around since seeing Carmel.

So what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose except all the negative energies weighing you down.  Carmel your just amazing thank you for changing my life for the better!”

Renee Waygood

“I have been having sessions with Carmel sporadically for the last 6 months. I experienced some tragedy previous to this in 2012 that I could not understand, find answers to or comprehend. In the last four years I have also had some health issues specifically with my bowel, which I was unable to find answers to, neither get any treatment for, nor solve. I had seen many specialists, doctors, had tests and procedures done, and all results were clear and my issue inexplicable.

After my first session with Carmel and her identifying the areas in my body other than my emotional distress that I experienced complications with, and without having mentioned anything about my bowel problems, my bowel issues ceased. It was unbelievable and I have never thought it possible for the problem to completely disappear, I was shocked, ecstatic and will be forever grateful. Carmel has also helped me work through the tragedy I experienced over a period of time, helped me find peace and understanding within it and support those close to me suffering the same if not more pain. Carmel has provided me with protection and a place to go to when in doubt and feeling lifeless.
Many thanks”.


“I first went to Carmel because of issues with my back; I have spondylolisthesis and it gets out of hand and creates a lot of pain from time to time.
After two years of sessions with Carmel, my upper back feels completely normal and I have no pain or limitations in that area. My lower back is mostly good, needing an adjustment only occasionally. The same goes for my knees, which have other problems. I went to Carmel when my vision seemed to becoming increasingly impaired, and she cleared my eyesight.
Every time I go to Carmel for a treatment I come away feeling cleared of everything holding me back, no matter what the cause or problem. I always leave feeling I can cope with everything and anything.
Every time I see Carmel I am in awe of her techniques, insight and integrity.
I am deeply grateful for Carmel’s assistance.”

Kerry Anne

“Carmel has a unique gift which has given me clarification, confirmation and a better understanding of so many things that have happened in my life at a very personal level. This has inspired me to have a clearer perspective of what I want for the future in my late years.  Her unique gift has helped me to unleash some negative emotions that stemmed from my childhood, which affected me for a good part of my adult life. It has been quite a progressive journey for me, but one that was needed for my total well-being.”

Annette King

“Carmel’s healing powers are amazing. Carmel has helped me deal with some “old demons” in my life that were holding me back from greater spiritual awareness. My journey has just begun I feel, but I know with the guidance from Carmel, my life here on Earth will hold more clarity and purpose. Carmel is a really “blessed soul” and would highly recommend anyone, on any spiritual level to be “healed and helped” into greater awareness. Thank you Carmel from the bottom of my heart.”

Julie Holt

“Since 2009 I have experienced some health problems, and had a bad reaction during my last operation which landed me in intensive care. By this stage my body had had enough but mental fatigue and feeling unable to get back on track was really taking its toll on my day to day life.Fortunately for me my daughter Callie was being personally trained by Carmel and had explained my situation to her. Carmel suggested a kinesiology treatment with her, I had never heard of this type of treatment so I was a bit skeptical.

I couldn’t believe how much better I felt after each treatment, I felt healing taking place on my body with each session, a lot of my stress disappeared.Each treatment was different even though it was the same process, I benefited in different ways. I would highly recommend anyone to give it a try; you’ll be pleasantly surprised and hooked for life.”

Barbara Moran

“Earlier this year it was suggested to me that I may benefit from a visit to Carmel. I lived through a personal tragedy that greatly affected my life over the past four years. I was having trouble moving on and would regularly wake in the night with thoughts of the traumatic times I had been through. I have been seeing a physio for 20 odd years with a neck problem that I suffered greatly from. After two visits with Carmel I no longer wake with thoughts of the past and have not had any issues with my neck since. This has been life changing for me and I am full of gratitude for Carmel’s special gift.”

Chris Doran

“In November 2012 I lost my 6 week old son to SIDS. This left me in a world of darkness, disbelief and not knowing how to continue in my life. Only days after Harry’s passing I had a healing session with Carmel, in that healing I experienced something very powerful and since that day I have continued to see Carmel. She has helped and still continues to help me through the hardest thing I will ever have to deal with in my life. My sessions with Carmel have enabled me to process and release many deep and dark thoughts and emotions, along with giving me hope and guidance to the future. Without Carmel and her healing’s I would hate to think where I would be today. After every healing I walk out with a smile on face, a clear mind, love in my heart and a knowing that everything will be ok. I have Carmel to thank for where I am today.”

Ashley Griffiths