Spiritual Healing sessions

Carmel transports clients to another realm during the hour and a half one-on-one spiritual healing sessions.

These sessions are an intense clearing of emotional blockages and a realignment of the chakras back to their original state. Carmel practices the vibrational healing techniquw by utilising her vocal range and physical body to clear energies attached to the physical and emotional being.

After the clearing process has been completed, Carmel gently encourages energy to flow through you without becoming attached and creates alignment in the chakras and spiritual body.

Sanctum Healing recommends spiritual healing sessions to those experiencing challenging situations or seeking direction. These sessions are a great way to strengthen your relationship with spirit and self.

It is common to experience a deep spiritual presence during these sessions and as your emotional body is ridding itself of attachments; you may feel a variety of emotions very intensely. However, these intense emotions don’t last and are a great sign you’re letting go of emotions that may have been blocking you.

The most common feedback Carmel hears from her clients after their sessions is they feel as though they’re “walking on a cloud.” However, it is different for everyone. To find out what others experience, visit the testimonials page here.

Group meditations

These group meditations are a mid-week spiritual shake-up, helping you to reconnect and “touch base” with the spiritual realm.

Carmel creates a safe space to explore your spirituality. Whether you’re looking to reset intentions or release an emotional blockage; these powerful group meditations are what a strong cup of coffee to a busy executive is to a spirit junkie.

For further information, or to book in for a spiritual healing session or group meditation contact us here.