One thing is certain…. change


Hello everyone and a warm welcome to those who are receiving an email from me for the first time. It’s an honour to bring you information regarding upcoming events, and guidance from the Spiritual realm including our Ancient Masters.

For some time now I have known I would be changing the way my business is structured. For over six years I have been doing mostly one on one healing sessions. While I will still continue to offer these incredible sessions, I have been strongly called to offer more retreats and workshops as well as tours to Sacred sites around the world.

The workshops and retreats will all have a theme, I will offer mixed gender as well as women only and men only events too. I’m very happy to be offering these events and look forward to the special healings, the personal insights and profound change they will bring to our lives. I am also introducing a new online booking system for private sessions which you can access here

I am currently working on the schedule for upcoming events, but here are the details for the first of these events which coincides with the New Moon.

Soul Clarity

Sunday 15th April 2018

2-4pm 53 Merindah Rd Baulkham Hills


This event will include

~ an opening meditation

~ reflections and exercises on identifying our true identity

~ a cleansing process to clear space for our soul to open more fully

~ sound healing and activation of our heart chakra

~ closing meditation with sacred chanting

~ Tea and healthy snacks (my bliss balls are pretty awesome)

To reserve you place you can click here now.

If you have any queries please hit reply or call me on 0404099492

Much love and remember to nurture yourself today

Carmel x

November musings

Hello beautiful ones,

We are right in the middle of a gateway of opportunity in this energetically powerful month of November. The gateway opened on 1/11 and will close 11/11 and I encourage you to be mindful of the power of your thoughts and intentions especially during this time and definitely in moving forward.

We have experienced yet another year of growth via challenges and opportunities. You may notice a pattern emerging if you have been putting time into your spiritual growth and awareness. I have noticed this in myself and in many of the clients I have seen. It’s like layers are being shed only to reveal more layers of old patterns, beliefs and genetic encoding and imprinting. It leaves us wondering why we are being faced with so many confronting situations, dramas, disappointments and loss and this can easily lead us into a victim mentality.

When we acknowledge our choice to incarnate here in this most powerful time of ascension, expansion and remembering, we open the doorway to clarity in navigating this path of our life. It’s a continuing process of self love, trust, releasing, allowing.

Self love is absolute key to achieving Divine blessings and clarity into our heart. When we realise that self love is not selfish or ego driven, our capacity for giving and receiving unconditional love expands beyond limit.

I encourage you to explore many ways to practice self love every single day. Here are a few ways to do that:

~ Look in the mirror – smile and say something beautiful and uplifting to yourself, compliment yourself on your beauty, your hair, your make up, your smile, your clothes, your body

~ Treat yourself to consciously eating your meals with intention, enjoy each mouthful to the maximum – no phone or social media – think When Harry Met Sally, “I’ll have what she’s having!!”

~ On that note, have an orgasm!

~ Rub your body with nourishing oils and scents, mindfully feeling your gentle touch all over your body

~ Go on a date with yourself

~ Read a great book, a few pages or a chapter and feel uplifted

Some great books I have on my bedside table include:

Pussy – A Reclamation by Regena Thomashauer

Dear Lover by David Deida

Women who Run With The Wolves

Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch

The Queens Code by Alison Armstrong

Goddesses never Age by Dr Christiane Northrup

Playing the Matrix by Mike Dooley (on my wishlist)

As we navigate through the final two months of 2017 be reminded that we are setting the tone for the coming eight years of this nine year cycle. Be mindful, live with intention, don’t settle for less than you are worthy of. Be an inspiration to others, your friends, family, children and work colleagues in leading by example. Remember that actions speak more loudly than words.

Take a leap of faith if your heart is yearning for adventure and expansion! Know that the Universe has your back, and that there are literally endless doors opening to you every day. You can’t get it wrong, so just do something in the direction of what brings you happiness and joy.

I surrender to the wisdom of my body and soul

I listen to the voice of the Divine within

I embrace grace and surrender

I am Love

If you feel called to have a healing session with me please contact me via email or on 0404099492

In infinite love and light



Itʼs difficult to explain the feeling I have when I think about writing and posting something that will be received by those who are drawn to read my words. My intention is to remain authentic, true to myself, transparent in my words and to give without expectation.

The paradox is that I can only reach so many people in one day, living my life. So, I trust
that what I do share, when I feel the call to share via blog or post, will be seen and
received by those who are meant to see it.

Based on the advice Iʼve received from experts in social media Iʼve tried to follow a
protocol based on the proven “spiritual leaders” or those who are well known and have
millions of “followers”. What Iʼve found is that you can buy followers and get hundreds or thousands of “likes”, but itʼs all a part of the game of social media and society in general.

Donʼt get me wrong, social media absolutely has its place and I use it daily. I believe that
my posts are from the heart but I just canʼt bring myself to post daily or stick to a
protocol. It feels unnatural or forced for me. This has led me to go deeper, to allow me to
understand and utilize both internal and external communication, and I would like to share what I have found.

The following may raise more questions than answers, but whatever it evokes in you, trust and listen to your intuitive heart.

I believe that trusting in your heart will bring you answers you seek. If the answers lie
within, then why do I/we keep looking outside and following what others are doing? What if telepathic communication is the answer of the future? We already use our intuition daily, so what is stopping us from going the extra step and resist using the spoken or written word more often? The answer is fear… fear of silence. We are surrounded by words and noise. Just imagine floating above our home, our place of work, our suburb. If words were visible, would we see even the most minute particle of nothingness or empty space among the plethora of words coming from people, radios, televisions, phones and computers?

The gift I have of channeling sacred light languages and healing sounds is something I
honor and cherish, and am grateful for every single day. I am often asked to interpret or
translate what comes through. There is no translation in words, only feeling. The gift is to
allow yourself to feel the essence of the sound. It brings clarity, direction and healing if
you just allow it with your heart without expecting to understand it with your mind. Like
the smell of the sweetest rose, it uplifts your other senses and brings its beauty into your
entire being.

I will continue to communicate on the levels I feel drawn to, while allowing the unknown to unfold as I trust the Universe to align me with my highest good. Living my truth every day is a true testimony to the trust I have placed in the Universe. Sometimes blind faith is the only way forward, and I know all about that.

Take a moment to simply close your eyes, feel the silence, hear the darkness, taste the
feeling of your breath as you deeply inhale, then slowly exhale 3 or more times. Know the silence within and take comfort in sitting with it occasionally.

Blessings beautiful souls.

Understanding Full Moons and New Moons

Creating space, Reflection – a peek at the dark side

Astrology is a fascinating world. The alignment of the stars and planets has a significant impact on each and every one of us. This impact can depend on both individual aspects, including time and place of birth and collective aspects such as the moon cycles and the planetary alignment.

Many of us feel the effects of a Full Moon or a New Moon reflected in our mood, and for women, often with our monthly cycles. For this reason I have been called to hold sacred Full Moon ceremonies which include a guided meditation and rituals such as movement, journalling, sounding and chanting.

The influence of each Full Moon largely depends on the alignment of the planets at the time. Each sign of the zodiac carries a unique flavour, which influences each of us differently, sparking certain emotions and insight.

Emotions, unhealthy addictions and negative self-talk are in full swing during a Full Moon, which once recognised, can create a great opportunity for us to face and heal our negative thoughts, beliefs and behaviours.

It’s important to allow emotions to surface during each New Moon without judgement. For example, anger may arise. If it does, acknowledge it and then see if you can dig deeper and find the triggers. If the actions of another make us angry, is that a reflection of something inside of us we wish to release? If someone continually cuts us off in conversation making us react in anger, is this a sign we need to listen more – both to our inner dialogue and heart, and to others?

New Moon energy encourages us to transform and release fear, sadness, angst, doubt, guilt and shame so that it may be transmuted. Once we acknowledge, take responsibility for what we are feeling, we allow the goodness of that emotion or the true message lying within that emotion to come to light.

The magnetic pull of the moon at both the full and new moon draws us to examine our soul journey. To be aware of this opportunity is truly life transforming if we utilise it.

I hold ceremonies for both full and new moons, where I encourage journaling. Keeping a journal specifically for the cycles of the moon is a great idea so that you can look back on your journey and be aware of your progress.

If you would like to find out more information about the ceremonies, or attend a weekly meditation, please feel free to get in touch with me at

The end of a cycle; new opportunities await

The end of 2016 is not just the end of a year, but the end of nine year universal cycle. In the last year of this cycle, we go through a journey of decluttering and letting go of a lot of emotional baggage we have accumulated over the last nine years.

It’s been a wild ride, and many of us have experienced old issues continually arising throughout this year. The layers go deep, we don’t want to repeat the same mistakes we have in the past, so it’s crucial to clear all layers of the old programming, beliefs and thought patterns we have been living with consciously or subconsciously.

When old issues have arisen this past this has been the Universe attempting to take us deeper and deeper, because the older the wound the deeper you need to go to resolve it. If the Universe has done that to you this year, it’s been a deliberate and well timed message for you to awaken and start living consciously. You are the creator of your future moments, so use each moment now to live, think and behave how you would like your future to feel.

The more you release all that no longer serves you, the lighter and more empowered and assertive you will feel. However, finding the pearl of wisdom in an ugly and crusty oyster shell is often a tough, messy and emotional journey. But be patient and resilient, as it’s well worth it. And in hindsight you’ll see the experiences, lessons learnt and rewards reaped make the journey the best part. Sometimes we even think we have reached our destination only to find there’s a delay or detour along the way to the real rewards. In fact, we are never really ‘there’ at all.

Think of it as a first real love; the excitement, the passion, the joy and pure state of euphoria it brings. It’s so seductive and titillating that you can’t imagine it ever being any better than this. And then things begin to settle down and the rose coloured glasses come off to reveal that perhaps this wasn’t the best that life had to offer you after all. As you continue on your journey you become more experienced, more discerning and wiser at creating your boundaries. With every experience and lesson, you become more aware of what you don’t want in your life and create the ability to manifest what you do want to experience, feel or have.

These last few weeks of 2016 is a wonderful time to reflect on your journey since 2008. See what situations have continued to pop up in your life, and how you have responded to the call of the Universe.

2017 is a clean slate and an a great time to set your intentions for the next nine years. Stay focussed on creating the life you want to live.

Dance with life
Embrace your journey
Squeeze the happiness out of every joyful moment
Live this exquisite life
it’s all yours

Are you intuitive?

Let’s talk intuition. Yes that thing we all have inside of us, sometimes hidden away so deeply behind a myriad of emotions that we forget we have the ability to access it.

You are intuitive – yes you!

You have so much more to learn and to share with yourself and others than you’re currently aware of. When you do become aware of your intuition and tap into listening to your subconscious, you realise your potential to connect deeper is limitless.

Intuition is a program deep within our soul that can be accessed by us at any time. As a baby, our intuition told us when it was time to be fed, and we used our power of communication to allow this to be heard by our mother. At the same time, our mother’s body intuitively knew when it was time for us to be nourished, and if we were breastfed this was based upon our individual requirements which then resulted in producing the right amount of milk at the right time.

There was a time when I believed I had zero connection to my inner voice. Apart from basic survival instincts and living the programmed life I participated in, there was a gaping chasm within me that seemed impossible to fill. I repeated affirmations daily, often many times during the day to absolutely no avail. Nothing was changing or shifting. Or so I thought. In hindsight I was establishing the foundations that would lead me to a holistic psychologist who changed my life. During my first session I was moved beyond words when she started using kinesiology to communicate with my subconscious. My fascination then led me to become a certified kinesiologist.

Everything you say, do and allow into your life, in every moment, paves the way to your future moments. A key element in establishing and nurturing your inner voice to flourish, is to practice surrendering on a regular basis.

I surrender to my highest good. All is well.

Learning to trust your intuition or inner voice requires discernment. When we are overwhelmed, our emotions often override our true grounded connection. This can lead to us making decisions based on emotions of anger, hurt or judgment that seem to be very justifiable at the time. The deeper you connect with your intuition the easier it will become to identify and change this behaviour. You will begin mastering the act of grounding yourself and start to think and act from a place of non judgment, compassion and love.

Now is the time to regain the empowerment that is your birth right in this wonderful human body. Invite your intuition to rise as you practice releasing negative emotions and embracing love in all its forms.

Remember to pause and take time to respond and not react.

Reclaim a greater connection to your inner voice; practice listening and journaling so that you can see where you’re heading.

I now rise above fear and judgment as I blossom into my Divine soul essence.

Growing into ourselves

Growing into our soul is a journey that has multiple facets and is an experience that is different for each of us. Some souls are born knowing what their soul path is, what they are here for and the pure desire and yearning that drives them forward in life. I have friends who always knew what they “wanted to be when they grew up” and others who find themselves searching for their purpose and often self-sabotaging their journey to truth through fear or indecision.

In my life I’ve had a lot of relationships, jobs and friendships which have brought happiness and fulfillment into my life. However, it’s only for the past six years that I have really begun to live from my heart and have taken the responsibility to step into my truth. While this has brought a lot of happiness within, it has come at a cost in almost every area of my life. You see, being true to yourself often means letting others down, because they have grown used to you just as you are. As you change so does the relationship you foster with them, a relationship they may have been content with. This can apply to any relationship from colleagues to close family members.

Facing this crossroads; where you’re torn between stepping into the person your soul desires and pleasing people you love can be challenging. But just remember, every challenge we face is for a reason; this place encourages spiritual growth, and healing as you clear out old belief systems and farewell unhealthy habits. It is only in the shedding of our old skin that we can reveal our beautiful new shiny skin that has been silently growing underneath the old one for months or years.

It is a brave and courageous act to shed this old skin with so many attachments to it. Friendships we have outgrown, ideas that have become stale, a job that no longer brings satisfaction, a diet that no longer suits our appetite for health and a spiritual awakening that we can no longer ignore.

“Be happy. Be who you want to be. If others don’t like it, then let them be. Happiness is a choice. Life isn’t about pleasing everybody.” – Unknown

You may be faced with judgment and often criticism from most people around you. Dig deep during these times; trust in the universe and in yourself; take responsibility for your journey, and tune into your intuition. Rising to your truth takes preparation and practice; it’s not easy to let go of the emotional blackmail and criticism from others at first. You will need support for your journey, so arm yourself with your weapons of protection in the form of meditation, self love and forgiveness, compassion and discernment.

  • Meditation will allow you to align with your higher self and quiet the outside noise and internal chatter that interrupts your growth.
  • Make time for self love – at the end of the day, you are all you’ve got and you deserve to be treated with love and respect. Remember the best way to attract this from others is to love and respect yourself first.
  • Forgiveness is the key to moving forward. The act of forgiveness sets you free – even if it means forgiving another person for something that caused you great pain. Blame and anger only feeds more blame and anger.
  • Compassion will lift your heart into a place of giving unconditionally to others without becoming attached to their problems and issues. It always feels wonderful to truly give without expectation of anything in return. Practicing this will have instant results in lifting your energy.
  • Discernment is critical. Choose who or what you allow to enter your life, your thoughts and actions. If it doesn’t serve your highest good, then let it go and only allow in what serves your expansion.

Also, don’t forget you’re not alone. More and more people are awakening each day! Surround yourself with like-minded people who lift you up. it’s never too late to start new friendships.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” – Mahatma Gandhi

I wish you well in your journey of expansion into your soul.

Moving your body with love

There is no doubt that our bodies were created and designed to move. Let’s face it, we feel better, look better and laugh more when we exercise and feel good in our skin. Exercise releases endorphins, the ‘happy hormone’, which is why we feel such relief after a workout.

Despite the positive effects, many of us have an unhealthy relationship with exercise. There are two main types of unhealthy relationships that are easy for us all to fall into when it comes to exercise. The first is when we don’t exercise at all because we are ‘too tired’ or ‘don’t have the time’. The second is, over exercising – that no matter how many calories we burn or kilometres we run, it’s never enough.

Even when we approach exercise with a good intention to move our body in a loving way, we can fall into the trap of ‘I need to exercise because I need to look a certain way’, or ‘I ate too much dinner last night so I need to run two extra kilometres this morning’.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to set goals and to push ourselves beyond the limits our ego has set for us, but we must make sure we push ourselves in a loving way.

If you find yourself falling into a negative headspace when you’re at the gym, it’s time to reset your attitude towards exercise. Instead of your goal being to get down to a certain dress size, set the intention each morning to move your body with love and respect. Your body is your sacred temple in this life, and the more we honour it and give to it, the more it gives back. By adapting this frame of mind, exercise will become a spiritual experience and you will strengthen the relationship between your emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

A good exercise to practice when trying to achieve a positive attitude towards exercise is to ponder on the outcomes we desire; if we achieve these outcomes, will we be more worthy of love and more socially acceptable? Be mindful of the ego when these thoughts arise, the way we look has no bearing on the love we receive from ourselves and others – only self acceptance does. A great way to start accepting ourselves for who we are is to implement acts of self love into our everyday routine. Implementing the below meditation into your morning ritual is a great first step.


Breathe deeply for five breaths,
Inhale the cosmic light through your crown
Exhale to spread this light throughout your entire body
I Surrender to divine guidance
I Release any and all blockages and programmed thoughts that no longer serve me
I Invite my soul intuition to be fully awakened
I Trust the universe to assist me in finding my motivation and desire.

“I love to move my body, I choose exercise that I enjoy and this makes me feel alive and empowered.”

Your journey into self love

As we continue on our spiritual path, growth, expansion and shedding ourselves of old thought processes and emotions start to become natural processes that we go through consciously. As we try and flow through these processes, it is common to feel displaced and can even find ourselves questioning our own identity and purpose.

If you have or are currently experiencing this, the first thing to know and take comfort in, is that you are not alone. Although this place can sometimes feel lonely and scary, it’s a place where if we’re consciously manifesting and welcoming positive change, can bring about great abundance. When we’re in this state of full surrender, we have let down all our guards that are stopping road blocks for manifesting.

When we allow ourselves to welcome change, a whole new world opens up. It is in the letting go of our own expectations and limitations that we create the space for true growth to flourish.

Being open to change leads you into your next chapter, and closer to your purpose.

Often we will find that the person we were expected to be, that we were conditioned to be, that we thought we were is no longer who we want to be. We have usually outgrown and can no longer relate to our old way of thinking.

This creates an eagerness to explore the depth of our core being and opens us to start learning how to listen to our intuition.

The only way to go deeper into self awareness is through surrendering. Surrender to the limitations we hold for ourselves; face them head on and watch them wither away once they are exposed to our light shining on them.
If you still feel anxious then you have not yet accepted your true self and are resisting your own self love and acceptance. Trust this process, and know that it will happen if you intend it to.

You are worthy of loving and accepting yourself exactly as you are.

When you trust in the process of surrender and the journey into self awareness, you will find a whole treasure chest in front of you just bursting to be opened!

Breathe deeply into your belly
Connect with your breath
Breathe in the winds of change
Breathe out your doubts and fears
Dance in the energies of change
Be the change you seek
Be Love

Life, a construction zone

As I sat in a cafe earlier this week inviting inspiration for today’s blog, I looked out the cafe window and watched a crane moving loads of pipes and metal for the construction of the new North West Rail Link. As I sat there memorized by the chaotic sight I thought, what a great parallel to the way so many of us feel this year?

Our construction zone is taking place on a section of land that has been dormant for years, decades even, and is now being excavated, ready for the discovery and release of what lies beneath the surface.

We must be patient with the process – as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. We first need to create a clear vision of the end product, consciously and carefully lay the foundation, and then build each day with care.

Laying the foundations is a crucial stage, and can be the longest process in any construction if it’s done correctly. If it’s hurried by cutting corners, using low quality material or not allowing time for the foundation to set, it will always be in danger of crumbling, shifting or cracking.

The foundations need time, patience and the highest quality material to withstand all that they will need to endure – every season that comes. Teams of people come together to work on each phase, bringing their own expertise and guidance to the project.

Know that people always come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

Looking at this site right now I can only see what looks like a messy disaster zone. But I’ve seen the artist’s impression of the final product so I know the outcome will not resemble anything I see here today.

We can get really caught in these moments of doubt during planetary movements; moon cycles and earth energy shifts. Rest, nurture and love yourself through moments where clarity is not forthcoming. As sure as the sun will set tonight and rise again tomorrow, this too shall pass.

I am fully supported by the Universe

I am open to change in my highest good

I welcome growth and abundance into my life now