Based in Sydney’s North West, Sanctum Healing is the love child of spiritual healer, Carmel Crinnion.

Carmel’s vision was to create a healing space for those seeking support on their spiritual path through one-on-one channelled sessions and guided group meditations.

To learn more about Carmel, visit the ‘About Carmel‘ page.

To learn more about Spiritual Healing, visit the ‘About Spiritual Healing‘ page.


Welcome note from Carmel

Hi everybody,

I’m so excited to welcome you all to this sacred space that is Sanctum Healing.

Sanctum Healing started in the form of one-on-one spiritual healing sessions and group meditations.

Although healings and meditations are still the forefront of my business, I’ve had a strong nudge from spirit to move Sanctum Healing into the online space to create a community for all you spirit junkies where I can reach out to those seeking spiritual guidance.

Living a life connected to spirit, while maintaining the upkeep of our day-to-day lives sometimes doesn’t align, and that is okay. My intention, with the help of spiritual guidance, is to support you and provide guidance on how to bring spirituality into your everyday life.

You can expect fortnightly blogs, monthly newsletters, and vlogs. These updates will include all sorts of content; from guided meditations and channelled messages from spirit, to tips on how to attract financial stability.

I will also be sharing stories of my personal growth and development, in hopes it will encourage anyone out there who is facing hardships, that with a bit of persistence and an open heart you too can begin living a life beyond your wildest dreams.

I’m also working on some exciting projects and will post upcoming events such as seminars and retreats – so watch this space!

Me and my beautiful team will ensure Sanctum Healing online is as user friendly as possible, and we welcome your feedback and encourage you to voice your stories in the comment section as well as let us know what you want in terms of content.

On a personal note, thank you to all my beautiful family and friends for allowing and supporting me on my journey, and of course thank you to the universe for your infinite love.

On that note, I send anyone reading this infinite love and light,

Carmel xx