About Spiritual Healing

To return to a state of pure love is the intention of every soul here on Earth. Along our life journey we take on layers of negative energy that distance us from our natural state of self and universal love. These layers of negativity often take the form of self-limiting beliefs, guilt, judgment, anger and grief. As a result we often end up suffering in our health, relationships, our career, family and our enjoyment of life. There is nothing that cannot be cleansed or healed.

No healing ever comes just from the healer. It is the restorative force and energies coming from “spirit” or God through the medium of the healer, which creates the healing.

The word “spirit” is often used as a generic term to collectively describe God and certain souls living in other dimensions that come to assist with healing, as well as the realms of angels and Archangels including our own guardian angel and spirit guides.

We actually live many lives, in many places, as totally different personalities – the only continuous thing is our soul. The purpose of this is to gain spiritual growth from the different experiences which life has to offer. We also bring karma with us from these lives.