About Carmel

Carmel Crinnion is dedicated to enriching the lives of those who choose to include her as a support role along their spiritual journey.

Carmel is humbled by her intuitive abilities to speak in ancient tongues and communicate with spirit, and believes she has been blessed with these gifts for the purpose of providing spiritual guidance for those in need.

“As a healer, I channel energy of the highest Divine order to assist beings to return to their pure state. Each session is unique and addresses personal requirements for growth.

Following a challenging period in my life which included divorce and depression, I completely surrendered to my inner guidance system. It has been five years since I consciously embarked on my spiritual journey, and am continuously uncovering gifts which allow me to practice spiritual healing.

I am blessed to have the gift to channel to the wonderful healing energies of the spiritual realms. Through my body and voice I bring healing your body and spirit requires to ascend to new levels. Once the “darkness” or negative energies are removed from your body and spirit you will feel light and free, allowing you to move into living your own greatness.

I am deeply grateful for my path, as it’s a journey deeper into love every day.”