November musings

Hello beautiful ones,

We are right in the middle of a gateway of opportunity in this energetically powerful month of November. The gateway opened on 1/11 and will close 11/11 and I encourage you to be mindful of the power of your thoughts and intentions especially during this time and definitely in moving forward.

We have experienced yet another year of growth via challenges and opportunities. You may notice a pattern emerging if you have been putting time into your spiritual growth and awareness. I have noticed this in myself and in many of the clients I have seen. It’s like layers are being shed only to reveal more layers of old patterns, beliefs and genetic encoding and imprinting. It leaves us wondering why we are being faced with so many confronting situations, dramas, disappointments and loss and this can easily lead us into a victim mentality.

When we acknowledge our choice to incarnate here in this most powerful time of ascension, expansion and remembering, we open the doorway to clarity in navigating this path of our life. It’s a continuing process of self love, trust, releasing, allowing.

Self love is absolute key to achieving Divine blessings and clarity into our heart. When we realise that self love is not selfish or ego driven, our capacity for giving and receiving unconditional love expands beyond limit.

I encourage you to explore many ways to practice self love every single day. Here are a few ways to do that:

~ Look in the mirror – smile and say something beautiful and uplifting to yourself, compliment yourself on your beauty, your hair, your make up, your smile, your clothes, your body

~ Treat yourself to consciously eating your meals with intention, enjoy each mouthful to the maximum – no phone or social media – think When Harry Met Sally, “I’ll have what she’s having!!”

~ On that note, have an orgasm!

~ Rub your body with nourishing oils and scents, mindfully feeling your gentle touch all over your body

~ Go on a date with yourself

~ Read a great book, a few pages or a chapter and feel uplifted

Some great books I have on my bedside table include:

Pussy – A Reclamation by Regena Thomashauer

Dear Lover by David Deida

Women who Run With The Wolves

Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch

The Queens Code by Alison Armstrong

Goddesses never Age by Dr Christiane Northrup

Playing the Matrix by Mike Dooley (on my wishlist)

As we navigate through the final two months of 2017 be reminded that we are setting the tone for the coming eight years of this nine year cycle. Be mindful, live with intention, don’t settle for less than you are worthy of. Be an inspiration to others, your friends, family, children and work colleagues in leading by example. Remember that actions speak more loudly than words.

Take a leap of faith if your heart is yearning for adventure and expansion! Know that the Universe has your back, and that there are literally endless doors opening to you every day. You can’t get it wrong, so just do something in the direction of what brings you happiness and joy.

I surrender to the wisdom of my body and soul

I listen to the voice of the Divine within

I embrace grace and surrender

I am Love

If you feel called to have a healing session with me please contact me via email or on 0404099492

In infinite love and light


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