Itʼs difficult to explain the feeling I have when I think about writing and posting something that will be received by those who are drawn to read my words. My intention is to remain authentic, true to myself, transparent in my words and to give without expectation.

The paradox is that I can only reach so many people in one day, living my life. So, I trust
that what I do share, when I feel the call to share via blog or post, will be seen and
received by those who are meant to see it.

Based on the advice Iʼve received from experts in social media Iʼve tried to follow a
protocol based on the proven “spiritual leaders” or those who are well known and have
millions of “followers”. What Iʼve found is that you can buy followers and get hundreds or thousands of “likes”, but itʼs all a part of the game of social media and society in general.

Donʼt get me wrong, social media absolutely has its place and I use it daily. I believe that
my posts are from the heart but I just canʼt bring myself to post daily or stick to a
protocol. It feels unnatural or forced for me. This has led me to go deeper, to allow me to
understand and utilize both internal and external communication, and I would like to share what I have found.

The following may raise more questions than answers, but whatever it evokes in you, trust and listen to your intuitive heart.

I believe that trusting in your heart will bring you answers you seek. If the answers lie
within, then why do I/we keep looking outside and following what others are doing? What if telepathic communication is the answer of the future? We already use our intuition daily, so what is stopping us from going the extra step and resist using the spoken or written word more often? The answer is fear… fear of silence. We are surrounded by words and noise. Just imagine floating above our home, our place of work, our suburb. If words were visible, would we see even the most minute particle of nothingness or empty space among the plethora of words coming from people, radios, televisions, phones and computers?

The gift I have of channeling sacred light languages and healing sounds is something I
honor and cherish, and am grateful for every single day. I am often asked to interpret or
translate what comes through. There is no translation in words, only feeling. The gift is to
allow yourself to feel the essence of the sound. It brings clarity, direction and healing if
you just allow it with your heart without expecting to understand it with your mind. Like
the smell of the sweetest rose, it uplifts your other senses and brings its beauty into your
entire being.

I will continue to communicate on the levels I feel drawn to, while allowing the unknown to unfold as I trust the Universe to align me with my highest good. Living my truth every day is a true testimony to the trust I have placed in the Universe. Sometimes blind faith is the only way forward, and I know all about that.

Take a moment to simply close your eyes, feel the silence, hear the darkness, taste the
feeling of your breath as you deeply inhale, then slowly exhale 3 or more times. Know the silence within and take comfort in sitting with it occasionally.

Blessings beautiful souls.

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