Understanding Full Moons and New Moons

Creating space, Reflection – a peek at the dark side

Astrology is a fascinating world. The alignment of the stars and planets has a significant impact on each and every one of us. This impact can depend on both individual aspects, including time and place of birth and collective aspects such as the moon cycles and the planetary alignment.

Many of us feel the effects of a Full Moon or a New Moon reflected in our mood, and for women, often with our monthly cycles. For this reason I have been called to hold sacred Full Moon ceremonies which include a guided meditation and rituals such as movement, journalling, sounding and chanting.

The influence of each Full Moon largely depends on the alignment of the planets at the time. Each sign of the zodiac carries a unique flavour, which influences each of us differently, sparking certain emotions and insight.

Emotions, unhealthy addictions and negative self-talk are in full swing during a Full Moon, which once recognised, can create a great opportunity for us to face and heal our negative thoughts, beliefs and behaviours.

It’s important to allow emotions to surface during each New Moon without judgement. For example, anger may arise. If it does, acknowledge it and then see if you can dig deeper and find the triggers. If the actions of another make us angry, is that a reflection of something inside of us we wish to release? If someone continually cuts us off in conversation making us react in anger, is this a sign we need to listen more – both to our inner dialogue and heart, and to others?

New Moon energy encourages us to transform and release fear, sadness, angst, doubt, guilt and shame so that it may be transmuted. Once we acknowledge, take responsibility for what we are feeling, we allow the goodness of that emotion or the true message lying within that emotion to come to light.

The magnetic pull of the moon at both the full and new moon draws us to examine our soul journey. To be aware of this opportunity is truly life transforming if we utilise it.

I hold ceremonies for both full and new moons, where I encourage journaling. Keeping a journal specifically for the cycles of the moon is a great idea so that you can look back on your journey and be aware of your progress.

If you would like to find out more information about the ceremonies, or attend a weekly meditation, please feel free to get in touch with me at contact@sanctumhealing.com.

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