The end of a cycle; new opportunities await

The end of 2016 is not just the end of a year, but the end of nine year universal cycle. In the last year of this cycle, we go through a journey of decluttering and letting go of a lot of emotional baggage we have accumulated over the last nine years.

It’s been a wild ride, and many of us have experienced old issues continually arising throughout this year. The layers go deep, we don’t want to repeat the same mistakes we have in the past, so it’s crucial to clear all layers of the old programming, beliefs and thought patterns we have been living with consciously or subconsciously.

When old issues have arisen this past this has been the Universe attempting to take us deeper and deeper, because the older the wound the deeper you need to go to resolve it. If the Universe has done that to you this year, it’s been a deliberate and well timed message for you to awaken and start living consciously. You are the creator of your future moments, so use each moment now to live, think and behave how you would like your future to feel.

The more you release all that no longer serves you, the lighter and more empowered and assertive you will feel. However, finding the pearl of wisdom in an ugly and crusty oyster shell is often a tough, messy and emotional journey. But be patient and resilient, as it’s well worth it. And in hindsight you’ll see the experiences, lessons learnt and rewards reaped make the journey the best part. Sometimes we even think we have reached our destination only to find there’s a delay or detour along the way to the real rewards. In fact, we are never really ‘there’ at all.

Think of it as a first real love; the excitement, the passion, the joy and pure state of euphoria it brings. It’s so seductive and titillating that you can’t imagine it ever being any better than this. And then things begin to settle down and the rose coloured glasses come off to reveal that perhaps this wasn’t the best that life had to offer you after all. As you continue on your journey you become more experienced, more discerning and wiser at creating your boundaries. With every experience and lesson, you become more aware of what you don’t want in your life and create the ability to manifest what you do want to experience, feel or have.

These last few weeks of 2016 is a wonderful time to reflect on your journey since 2008. See what situations have continued to pop up in your life, and how you have responded to the call of the Universe.

2017 is a clean slate and an a great time to set your intentions for the next nine years. Stay focussed on creating the life you want to live.

Dance with life
Embrace your journey
Squeeze the happiness out of every joyful moment
Live this exquisite life
it’s all yours

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