Are you intuitive?

Let’s talk intuition. Yes that thing we all have inside of us, sometimes hidden away so deeply behind a myriad of emotions that we forget we have the ability to access it.

You are intuitive – yes you!

You have so much more to learn and to share with yourself and others than you’re currently aware of. When you do become aware of your intuition and tap into listening to your subconscious, you realise your potential to connect deeper is limitless.

Intuition is a program deep within our soul that can be accessed by us at any time. As a baby, our intuition told us when it was time to be fed, and we used our power of communication to allow this to be heard by our mother. At the same time, our mother’s body intuitively knew when it was time for us to be nourished, and if we were breastfed this was based upon our individual requirements which then resulted in producing the right amount of milk at the right time.

There was a time when I believed I had zero connection to my inner voice. Apart from basic survival instincts and living the programmed life I participated in, there was a gaping chasm within me that seemed impossible to fill. I repeated affirmations daily, often many times during the day to absolutely no avail. Nothing was changing or shifting. Or so I thought. In hindsight I was establishing the foundations that would lead me to a holistic psychologist who changed my life. During my first session I was moved beyond words when she started using kinesiology to communicate with my subconscious. My fascination then led me to become a certified kinesiologist.

Everything you say, do and allow into your life, in every moment, paves the way to your future moments. A key element in establishing and nurturing your inner voice to flourish, is to practice surrendering on a regular basis.

I surrender to my highest good. All is well.

Learning to trust your intuition or inner voice requires discernment. When we are overwhelmed, our emotions often override our true grounded connection. This can lead to us making decisions based on emotions of anger, hurt or judgment that seem to be very justifiable at the time. The deeper you connect with your intuition the easier it will become to identify and change this behaviour. You will begin mastering the act of grounding yourself and start to think and act from a place of non judgment, compassion and love.

Now is the time to regain the empowerment that is your birth right in this wonderful human body. Invite your intuition to rise as you practice releasing negative emotions and embracing love in all its forms.

Remember to pause and take time to respond and not react.

Reclaim a greater connection to your inner voice; practice listening and journaling so that you can see where you’re heading.

I now rise above fear and judgment as I blossom into my Divine soul essence.

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