Growing into ourselves

Growing into our soul is a journey that has multiple facets and is an experience that is different for each of us. Some souls are born knowing what their soul path is, what they are here for and the pure desire and yearning that drives them forward in life. I have friends who always knew what they “wanted to be when they grew up” and others who find themselves searching for their purpose and often self-sabotaging their journey to truth through fear or indecision.

In my life I’ve had a lot of relationships, jobs and friendships which have brought happiness and fulfillment into my life. However, it’s only for the past six years that I have really begun to live from my heart and have taken the responsibility to step into my truth. While this has brought a lot of happiness within, it has come at a cost in almost every area of my life. You see, being true to yourself often means letting others down, because they have grown used to you just as you are. As you change so does the relationship you foster with them, a relationship they may have been content with. This can apply to any relationship from colleagues to close family members.

Facing this crossroads; where you’re torn between stepping into the person your soul desires and pleasing people you love can be challenging. But just remember, every challenge we face is for a reason; this place encourages spiritual growth, and healing as you clear out old belief systems and farewell unhealthy habits. It is only in the shedding of our old skin that we can reveal our beautiful new shiny skin that has been silently growing underneath the old one for months or years.

It is a brave and courageous act to shed this old skin with so many attachments to it. Friendships we have outgrown, ideas that have become stale, a job that no longer brings satisfaction, a diet that no longer suits our appetite for health and a spiritual awakening that we can no longer ignore.

“Be happy. Be who you want to be. If others don’t like it, then let them be. Happiness is a choice. Life isn’t about pleasing everybody.” – Unknown

You may be faced with judgment and often criticism from most people around you. Dig deep during these times; trust in the universe and in yourself; take responsibility for your journey, and tune into your intuition. Rising to your truth takes preparation and practice; it’s not easy to let go of the emotional blackmail and criticism from others at first. You will need support for your journey, so arm yourself with your weapons of protection in the form of meditation, self love and forgiveness, compassion and discernment.

  • Meditation will allow you to align with your higher self and quiet the outside noise and internal chatter that interrupts your growth.
  • Make time for self love – at the end of the day, you are all you’ve got and you deserve to be treated with love and respect. Remember the best way to attract this from others is to love and respect yourself first.
  • Forgiveness is the key to moving forward. The act of forgiveness sets you free – even if it means forgiving another person for something that caused you great pain. Blame and anger only feeds more blame and anger.
  • Compassion will lift your heart into a place of giving unconditionally to others without becoming attached to their problems and issues. It always feels wonderful to truly give without expectation of anything in return. Practicing this will have instant results in lifting your energy.
  • Discernment is critical. Choose who or what you allow to enter your life, your thoughts and actions. If it doesn’t serve your highest good, then let it go and only allow in what serves your expansion.

Also, don’t forget you’re not alone. More and more people are awakening each day! Surround yourself with like-minded people who lift you up. it’s never too late to start new friendships.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” – Mahatma Gandhi

I wish you well in your journey of expansion into your soul.

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