Moving your body with love

There is no doubt that our bodies were created and designed to move. Let’s face it, we feel better, look better and laugh more when we exercise and feel good in our skin. Exercise releases endorphins, the ‘happy hormone’, which is why we feel such relief after a workout.

Despite the positive effects, many of us have an unhealthy relationship with exercise. There are two main types of unhealthy relationships that are easy for us all to fall into when it comes to exercise. The first is when we don’t exercise at all because we are ‘too tired’ or ‘don’t have the time’. The second is, over exercising – that no matter how many calories we burn or kilometres we run, it’s never enough.

Even when we approach exercise with a good intention to move our body in a loving way, we can fall into the trap of ‘I need to exercise because I need to look a certain way’, or ‘I ate too much dinner last night so I need to run two extra kilometres this morning’.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to set goals and to push ourselves beyond the limits our ego has set for us, but we must make sure we push ourselves in a loving way.

If you find yourself falling into a negative headspace when you’re at the gym, it’s time to reset your attitude towards exercise. Instead of your goal being to get down to a certain dress size, set the intention each morning to move your body with love and respect. Your body is your sacred temple in this life, and the more we honour it and give to it, the more it gives back. By adapting this frame of mind, exercise will become a spiritual experience and you will strengthen the relationship between your emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

A good exercise to practice when trying to achieve a positive attitude towards exercise is to ponder on the outcomes we desire; if we achieve these outcomes, will we be more worthy of love and more socially acceptable? Be mindful of the ego when these thoughts arise, the way we look has no bearing on the love we receive from ourselves and others – only self acceptance does. A great way to start accepting ourselves for who we are is to implement acts of self love into our everyday routine. Implementing the below meditation into your morning ritual is a great first step.


Breathe deeply for five breaths,
Inhale the cosmic light through your crown
Exhale to spread this light throughout your entire body
I Surrender to divine guidance
I Release any and all blockages and programmed thoughts that no longer serve me
I Invite my soul intuition to be fully awakened
I Trust the universe to assist me in finding my motivation and desire.

“I love to move my body, I choose exercise that I enjoy and this makes me feel alive and empowered.”

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