Your journey into self love

As we continue on our spiritual path, growth, expansion and shedding ourselves of old thought processes and emotions start to become natural processes that we go through consciously. As we try and flow through these processes, it is common to feel displaced and can even find ourselves questioning our own identity and purpose.

If you have or are currently experiencing this, the first thing to know and take comfort in, is that you are not alone. Although this place can sometimes feel lonely and scary, it’s a place where if we’re consciously manifesting and welcoming positive change, can bring about great abundance. When we’re in this state of full surrender, we have let down all our guards that are stopping road blocks for manifesting.

When we allow ourselves to welcome change, a whole new world opens up. It is in the letting go of our own expectations and limitations that we create the space for true growth to flourish.

Being open to change leads you into your next chapter, and closer to your purpose.

Often we will find that the person we were expected to be, that we were conditioned to be, that we thought we were is no longer who we want to be. We have usually outgrown and can no longer relate to our old way of thinking.

This creates an eagerness to explore the depth of our core being and opens us to start learning how to listen to our intuition.

The only way to go deeper into self awareness is through surrendering. Surrender to the limitations we hold for ourselves; face them head on and watch them wither away once they are exposed to our light shining on them.
If you still feel anxious then you have not yet accepted your true self and are resisting your own self love and acceptance. Trust this process, and know that it will happen if you intend it to.

You are worthy of loving and accepting yourself exactly as you are.

When you trust in the process of surrender and the journey into self awareness, you will find a whole treasure chest in front of you just bursting to be opened!

Breathe deeply into your belly
Connect with your breath
Breathe in the winds of change
Breathe out your doubts and fears
Dance in the energies of change
Be the change you seek
Be Love

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