Life, a construction zone

As I sat in a cafe earlier this week inviting inspiration for today’s blog, I looked out the cafe window and watched a crane moving loads of pipes and metal for the construction of the new North West Rail Link. As I sat there memorized by the chaotic sight I thought, what a great parallel to the way so many of us feel this year?

Our construction zone is taking place on a section of land that has been dormant for years, decades even, and is now being excavated, ready for the discovery and release of what lies beneath the surface.

We must be patient with the process – as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. We first need to create a clear vision of the end product, consciously and carefully lay the foundation, and then build each day with care.

Laying the foundations is a crucial stage, and can be the longest process in any construction if it’s done correctly. If it’s hurried by cutting corners, using low quality material or not allowing time for the foundation to set, it will always be in danger of crumbling, shifting or cracking.

The foundations need time, patience and the highest quality material to withstand all that they will need to endure – every season that comes. Teams of people come together to work on each phase, bringing their own expertise and guidance to the project.

Know that people always come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

Looking at this site right now I can only see what looks like a messy disaster zone. But I’ve seen the artist’s impression of the final product so I know the outcome will not resemble anything I see here today.

We can get really caught in these moments of doubt during planetary movements; moon cycles and earth energy shifts. Rest, nurture and love yourself through moments where clarity is not forthcoming. As sure as the sun will set tonight and rise again tomorrow, this too shall pass.

I am fully supported by the Universe

I am open to change in my highest good

I welcome growth and abundance into my life now

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