Sacred Relationships

There is nothing more wonderful than being in a loving nurturing fulfilling relationship, and young love can be captivatingly magical. As we all know, the honeymoon period comes to an abrupt end sometimes and leaves some feeling alone, lost and disconnected.

All relationships have their stages, and there are some great books on this subject like Men are From Mars by John Gray, and the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman to help us navigate our way and add to our understanding of the opposite sex.

But in our busy society, sometimes the soul basics are simply overlooked, emotions and ego gets in the way, children come along and distract us from each other, work becomes all consuming and stressful, and the list goes on.  Where does that leave our relationship?

I will give you the simplest answer to building on the foundation of a relationship that has lost its way.

Men – treat your wife/partner like your Queen

Women – treat your husband/partner like your King

The End

When you treat your partner like the King or Queen that they are, you will feel absolutely amazing because you will benefit from their response. There is such a diverse range of responses that can occur but you can expect to feel a lift in your heart, passion return, desire rising to a new level and intimacy take a gigantic leap.

You alone know your partner best, but here are a few tips:

1. Remember, love is not demonstrated in words, but in actions.

2. In the morning, greet your lover and take a few moments to start the day together with a cuddle

3. Make them a cup of tea or a packed lunch, filled with love in the making

4. Listen to them, actually look at each other and listen – and very importantly, listen without the intention of responding. Just listen, yes, just listen. Did I stress this enough? We have been so conditioned to be getting our response/answer ready that we miss the whole point so many times. No wonder arguments start over seemingly nothing. Feel how important you feel when someone actually listens to you and allows a silence without having to fill it.

5. Arrange quiet time with no tv or phones, just some music, some wine or tea and candles to just sit and talk, or hold hands, foot massage….. create the atmosphere and the ambience will invite openness.

6. Go for a walk, a picnic, a hike, a ride….. just be outdoors

7. Truly put them first and simply honour and respect them in action and words, then see what flows back.

One thought on “Sacred Relationships

  1. Katherine says:

    This is just what I needed to read Carmel. Thank you so much. We have slowly opened the lines of both communication and love again. And yes you are right, it is such a wonderful emotion and how everything good stars flowing my way again.


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