Overcoming the Fear of Change

This time of Easter brings with it the reminder that death and life are simply a never ending cycle, one does not survive without the other regardless of what timeline we are on, what planet we are on or whether or not we even have a body. It is in the cycle of life and death that miracles happen. Each dying breath we breathe out is followed by a new life giving breath in the next moment, even in our final breath, we breathe life into our new beginning in another dimension of the universe.

So why are we so afraid of death?
Death is change. Fear of change is brought upon by the ego and it’s desire to protect us from the unknown. However when we silence the fear created by the ego, and instead surrender to love, we celebrate change with anticipation and excitement. This shift of mindset, brings miracles into our lives. It allows us to step beyond our fears and into the absolute wonder that lies before us – whether that is to leave our boring job, to change our lazy habits, to take that holiday, to enter that race, to move house, or make that phone call.

Think about any big changes you have made in your life. I know the biggest changes I have made in my life that took me sometimes years to make, have brought me the most profound and magnificent moments and changed the course of my life, and I have absolutely no regrets. Instead I have gratitude.

Is there a situation in your life where you feel stuck? What is holding you back? Is this fear real or an illusion?

To overcome fear of change, add the following affirmation into your daily routine.
I am ready for change in my life
I embrace change in the highest good of myself and those around me
I welcome change to enrich my life
I release all fear and procrastination
I surrender into Love
And so it is

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