Six tips to reconnect with your soul

Getting caught up in the daily grind is something most of us can relate to. But there are many simple things we can do to prompt ourselves to actively welcome spirit back into our everyday lives and nurture our spiritual journey.

Here are six tips on how to stay connected.

Be kind to yourself

When we hold expectations for ourselves, we are unconsciously allowing our ego in to constantly remind us how we aren’t doing things as well as we should and before long, this turns into constant turmoil of negative self-talk. This all leads to the ego’s number one goal, which is to make us feel like we ‘aren’t good enough’.

To combat this, affirm when you wake up that you are enough and what you achieve today is enough.

For more on this, look out for next week’s blog on how to set goals without letting them turn into expectations.

Schedule time to breathe

Have you ever caught yourself letting out a sigh of exhaustion at around the 3pm mark? Chances are, you haven’t given yourself a break to breathe all day.

A colleague of mine has a reminder to on his watch, which vibrates every 45 minutes to remind him to take a break from his screen and stretch his legs.

The same method can be applied to taking a break to breathe. Set a reminder on your phone or wearable technology that prompts you to come back into awareness for enough time to take three deep breathes in and out and reflect on your intentions and affirmations you set for the day.

Make time to reflect

Keeping a journal is such an insightful way to make sense of your feelings and behaviour. Making time to do this at night just before bed is the best way to implement it into your daily routine and can even help you sleep. There’s something very therapeutic about getting all those thoughts swelling around in your head down on paper!

Trust in the universe

There is no greater feeling of comfort of when you truly believe the universe is on your side. The funny thing is, it’s ALWAYS on your side. But despite that, I’m sure most of us have experienced our ego telling us otherwise!

Connect with your tribe

Whenever I catch up with a friend who is on a similar spiritual path to me, I always leave feeling like I’m walking on clouds.

Connect with spirit

If a mid-week catch up is not on the cards, a great way to make time to connect with fellow spirit junkies is by attending a yoga session or come along to Sanctum Healing’s group meditation. These guided mediations are a much welcome mid-week spiritual shake-up for all attendees. Find out more here.

If you have any tips on how to connect with your soul, we would love to hear from you in the comment section below!

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