Breaking down conditioned thought processes

It’s easy to find presence and remain in the state of conscious awareness when things are going well, for instance, when;

  • Relationships are blossoming,
  • You’re moving your body,
  • You’re being productive with you time, and,
  • You’re nourishing your body.

And as much as I, along with many others, would like to say I maintain this 100 per cent of the time, I don’t. As Eckhart Tolle teaches in ‘A New Earth’, we aren’t suppose to be perfect, so striving for perfection isn’t something that’s going to make us feel whole and fulfilled.

But what does give us fulfilment is awareness and ability to connect to the now. There is no greater present than the present moment, as the present moment is all we ever have.

“Accept [the situation] than act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.

“Because whatever you fight, you strengthen and what you resist persists.”

So how do we apply this to our lives?be here now

When you wake up in the morning, not feeling like abiding by your routine or daily practice, let the thoughts in your mind drop away, be present, and in presence, you will know if the feeling of not wanting to abide by your routine is a feeling from your true self, or just a thought from your ego, trying to sabotage you into feeling guilty and unworthy.

Throughout our lives, the ego creates conditioned thought processes that are designed to keep you from reaching consciousness. These conditioned patterns keep you on a cycle of identifying with your mind and letting it dictate your feelings and actions. The mind knows it can’t control you once you’ve reached consciousness, which is why it creates these conditioned patterns that feed your ego with thoughts and your pain body with negative emotions.

It’s so easy to give into our ego and beat ourselves up about skipping the gym, eating those hot chips, etc.

The key to releasing negative emotions, such as guilt and sadness, and therefore breaking the conditioned processes of the mind, it to first recognise where these feeling are coming from and if they are real, or if they are the ego’s attempt at trying to sabotage your progress.

Once this has been established, accept the moment for what it is, and what it presents. Work with the moment, not against it.

A few days ago I was feeling lethargic, and didn’t want to go for my morning walk. At first, I laid in bed thinking of what it would mean if I skipped a morning walk. And wondered where this feeling was coming from. I decided to listen to my body, and stayed in bed to honour my tired sore body. Unfortunately for me, I let my conditioned mind overtake, and started feeling guilty for skipping my morning ritual.

When I got up, I sat in presence and reflected on these feelings, and realised that when I do skip exercise, or eat something sweet, most of the time, I (being my ego) make myself feel guilty.

So from now on, when I choose to change my routine or indulge, I will do so consciously and choose to act however love would act. Because as long as the choices we make are made with awareness (and with awareness comes love), the ego has no power over us, and can’t pull us back into unconsciousness.

Sat Nam

First published on Exceptionally You.


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